No 1 Mmagician & MC in India Aladin besed in Cochin Kochi Kerala

6 Key Aspects To Consider While Comparing Magicians In Cochin, Kerala, India. . .

compare magicians in cochinIf you're in search of hire a Magician in Cochin for your next event, then you'll be happy you found Aladin . . .

It does not matter which type of occasion there is, whether it being a gala dinner, product launch, conference, private or business function or corporate event, it's crucial that you come to realise getting the right Magician In Cochin will make it a great success!

An excellent example of the "Right" Magician to hire is India's leading Aladin.

He's been a Magician for more than 30 years now and has a "gift" of also having the ability to make audience yell with laugher . . . If you are looking to make your event really memorable, then using the services of India’s No. 1 Comedy Magician & Mind Reader - Aladin will guarantee you a spectacular show! The basis is very simple . . . Not all magicians in Cochin possess the "GIFT" of MAGIC like Aladin possesses . . .

But don't take our word for it, read through just what well-known  event managers and newspapers have said about Cochin Magician & Mind Reader Aladin:

“...went on better than we
could have ever imagined...”
- The Talent Brokers, Dubai

"...a splendid performance
... very personal..."
- The New Indian Express

“we hire ... for the last 10 years...we recommend...” (2010)
- Sidhesh, Impresario Event Management India Ltd

an awesome performance..."
- The Times of India

“Lots of laugh...fresh...”
- The Hindu

"magic blended with comedy"
- Firos BF, The New Indian Express


One of the very first things to consider while reviewing Magicians in Kerala is definitely - EXPERIENCE!

And there no not satisfactory that when it comes to Aladin. . .You see, he's committed his entire life to Magic and has performed LIVE Magic acts more than 30 years now- so you understand you're in for an incredible show!


Magic, Mind Reading, Ventriloquism & Comedy for your...

  • Conference
  • Business Function
  • Family get together
  • Gala Dinner
  • Trade Show
  • Private Party
  • Corporate Event
  • Product Launch


and so much more...

Seek what else magicians perform other that magic.

Aladin is not only a Magician, he performs Mind reading, Ventriloquism, he is Witty and Funny and further more he is a professional MC.


Aladin’s show is not one that is copied from American magicians’ videos like many Indian magicians do. He is very original and he even teach the craft to artist around the world including Australia, America and Europe.

An expert...

Indian entertainment world regard Aladin as an expert in the industry. He give consultancy to TV and cinema.

Aladin's incredible show are so good people have said, Aladin "IS" Magic on stage! You must experience it for yourself. Aladin will have everyone in the room fully enthralled by his amazing magical stunts!

Your invited guests will actually be glued to their seating the moment Aladin comes on stage!

The second thing you should consider for when looking at Magicians in Cochin is, are they a "NEW BREED" of Magician called a "street Magician" ?  

Outstanding Comedy Magicians, like Kerala's No. 1 Aladin, can totally humor your invited guests to the point of crying, all at the same time stunning them with magic so true it's breathtaking!

Although not all Magicians in Cochin are able to perform terrific Magic LIVE as well as turn every situation into a hysterical moment- but Aladin are able to .

The cause is very simple . . . When you've performed for over 30 years like Aladin has, doing a lot more than 6,000 shows, you know he has all the experience to make your event magnificent one!

Regardless of where in Cochin, or any part of Kerala you're organizing your event, If you need heart-stopping LIVE Magic. Indian & Cochin Comedy Magician Aladin  produces a truly innovative show your guest will never forget!

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Another great attribute consider when ever comparing Magicians in Cochin, is their capability to handle any type of crowd.

For example, Aladin has already performed shows from 20 to 5,000 person events in over 20 nations all over the world, so you know regardless of how small or large your next event might be, if you have Aladin on stage LIVE, you can sleep overnight knowing your whole guest list will be in for the time of their lives. . .

Here's just one more key attribute . . .

Whenever seeing Magicians in Cochin consider his or her personality . . . what makes Aladin so special is his very witty and funny personality traits . It's a crucial element because it literally cannot be taught!

Once you have Aladin entertaining your quests it's absolutely like having 4 LIVE acts in 1.

Aladin will have your guests completely impressed with his extraordinary MAGIC and in addition be one of the funniest comedians you and your guests will ever see!, A mind reader par excellence and funny ventriloquist.

The outcome is always the same- the hall will be full of audience laughing so hard they'll be busting at the seams yet still be scratching their heads wondering just how on earth Aladin performed those magic!, Steal peoples thoughts.....

Exactly what truly makes Aladin your ONLY choice is his likeable personality and gentlemanly like manner . . .

Aladin's loveable and witty personality makes him as great "Off-Stage" ( chatting with your guests ) as he is "On-Stage".

When you're responsible for booking a Magician in Cochin don't risk it- hire India's No. 1 Comedy Magician Aladin to perform LIVE at your event. You're guaranteed a really unforgettable performance that'll be raved about by your invited guests for many years to come!

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