No 1 Mmagician & MC in India Aladin besed in Cochin Kochi Kerala

Magicians Aladin and The Lady: Performance par excellence

Magicians Aladin and The Lady are well-established magicians in the South Indian state of Kerala. Based out of Cochin (Kochi), they have earned the undeniable reputation of being the leading entertainers for corporate as well as personal events.  

Already, Aladin and The Lady has carved a niche among the magicians in Cochin. Popular on leading TV channels and corporate events on account of the unique tricks and performance, Aladin and team

There is something that sets Aladin apart from other magicians in Ernakulam or other magicians in Kerala for that matter. It is the fact that Aladin doesn’t undertake any high-voltage marketing campaigns. On the other, they rely on mouth publicity.

What sets Aladin and The Lady apart from other magicians in Kerala or for that matter magicians in India is that they add a lot of humour and comedy, which make the entire show more interesting and appealing to a wider audience. In fact, this eclectic blend of comedy and an assortment of original magic tricks have endeared him to the masses not only in Kochi but all over Kerala. The fact that he has been featured many times in the leading newspapers in Kerala is a testament to the wide popularity and acceptance enjoyed by Aladin and team.

Aladin’s tricks are very original and his presentation comic. He ensures the active participation of audience in all his shows. This interactivity makes the show all the more entertaining as the audience gets a first-hand chance to experiment with various tricks on offer.

Another inimitable aspect about Aladin is his ability to perform the wonderful act of ventriloquism, an art better described as an illusion of sound, in 1998. Already, Aladin’s ventriloquism techniques have gained wide appreciation through his shows in Kochu TV, a kids’ TV channel in Kerala.

Sherif, who adopted his now-popular stage name Aladin, showed his passion for art of magic at a very young age. He started performing magic at the tender age of 13 and attended more than 150 magicians' conventions and training programmes in India as well as abroad.

He introduced 'Aladin Comadin' – a magic show blended with comedy in 2002.

Aladin soon became a household name not only in Ernakulam but in other parts of Kerala also. Thanks to his extraordinary skills and amazing performance that seeks to blend the best of comedy and magic performance, he started winning awards both at Kerala and India level. In order to enhance the scope of magic as a performing art, he also studied theater and choreography.


In the year 2002, he met Saleena, a fashion designer. Together they developed a quick costume change act, which became tremendously popular among the audience not only in Cochin but across Kerala. Today, they are the only quick change artist in India and is highly sought in all corporate as well private shows in Kochi.


Apart from performing on stage he has a strong track record of close-up magic as well. Because of his original acts, active audience participation, and signature ventriloquism tricks, Aladin is the first choice in corporate events and other private parties like birthday bashes in Kochi.


His major achievements include:

•        The Great Car Appearance - 2004.

•        Revived the famous and almost-extinct Indian Cups and Ball - 2003.

•        Special Award - 2001.

•        Vazhakunnam Award - 1999.

•        State Magic Award - 1998.


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