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The teams engaged in the discussion after the games. The teams came up with ideas they learned from the game.
This is a very good icebreaker as all the people enjoy shouting for their team.
Learning: How to communicate to person whom we can't see, Agility, Trust, Speed, Care, Sensing the surroundings, Flexibility

Newspaper Bridge

The aim of this fun exercise is to motivate team work and creative thinking.
Every team has to create a self-supporting newspaper bridge using the materials provided.
Things supplied
• A stack of newspapers
• One roll of sticky traps for each team
• A measuring tape
• Split the group into teams of three people.
• Each team has access to unlimited amount of newspapers and one sticky tape.
• Each team has 10 minutes to build a bridge.
• The facilitator can measure the length of each bridge using measuring tape.
• The team which makes the longest bridge at the allocated period is the prize winner.
Guidelines of the game
• Delegates cannot use the sticky tape to attach the bridge to the ground or table.
• Sticky tape can only be used in the structure of the bridge.
• The bridge can have a total of two support columns.

Discuss with the group the important elements of teamwork noticeable through this exercise. Motivate discussions on the impact of communication, leadership and feedback systems involved during this activity.

Chinese Whisper

This game emphasizes the importance of verifying the information we receive from either our co-workers or customers. This activity is designed for groups of at least 8 delegates .


The objective of this game for delegates deliver the facts they receive to another person with the minimum amount of alterations

Team Building Activity based on Telephone Conversation

This activity emphasizes the importance of the clarity of talking to a person whom we can't see, especially when you are talking over telephone.


Build-A-Bike for Charity

The Build-A-Bike for Charity Team Building Workshop is a brainy and challenging  program where your delegates are divided into teams to solve particular challenges in order to build bicycles for young kids from an orphanage.

Keep in mind that first, brand-new bicycle which you somebody presented when you were a youngster? For a lot of of these children, this will be the very first bicycle they will have ever owned, and your present would mean Independence to these young people.

This is the original bicycle team building event ! Each group has puzzles to resolve , codes to decipher , and tricks to unlock to be able to obtain the resources that they need ( part by part ) to build a bike . Challenges are found along the way that must definitely be get over in order to achieve their goal . The final conclusion to the game is the understanding that , each component of a team ( company ) is interdependent and can't work silo-ed from the other components of the team . While we work together , we achieve more — faster ! This will be "the most fun" that your team will ever have — working !

  • We'll cover ways to :
  • Brainstorm.
  • Problem-solve
  • Communicate much better as a team.
  • Identify strengths of individual team members.
  • Collaborate better as a team.
  • Realize that departments and individuals within a company can't act independently of their coworkers. When the team works together, they achieve a great deal more.
  • And have a lot of fun along the way.

 Build-A-Bike Team Building events are made up of one-hour modules to make the package easy to fit any period of time. We provide a high-energy one-hour module where the team builds the bikes with just a couple icebreaker events. We also offer two-hour , three-hour, half-day, full-day , and a Build-A-Bike 2-Day Retreat as well. During each event, you'll engage both your minds and your bodies in solving the puzzles of teamwork and build significant camaraderie.


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